Welcome to the island of Rab in Croatia

RAB is probably the most beautiful among all Croatian islands. Why? It is the most forested. You will find every kind of beach here. An air of foamed sea mixes up with fumes of pine forests, which makes Rab popular climatic spa.

Are you looking for a quiet resort, where you can not push on the crowded beaches? You will find it on Rab. Looking for sandy beaches as at the end of the world in the Caribbean? You will find them here too. Are you looking for a lively resort with many tourists and attractions? Of course. Mediterranean town with stone streets and lots of cafes and shops? Yes, you are in the right place. Rab is as big as just to be able to complete all of this in one day. It is up to you what you then choose.

Rab is also known as the island of sun. It is an island of two faces - from the mainland is seen only desolate rocky part, but the rest is green all year. There are plenty of small woods, beaches, romantic nooks and cozy houses. You will also find bustling centers with complex services also for the most demanding tourists.

It is located between the islands of Krk, Pag and Cres. From the mainland to the island you can easily catch a ferry. Distance from a highway is only 80 km.

Our travel agency can advise you where to cheaply and comfortably stay on the island, where find perfect beach for swim and where to look and what to try. Our selection of accommodation are still growing and we aim to cover all the resorts on the island, so that everybody can choose. Therefore welcome with us! You will learn here a lot of information about the island and perhaps you also choose object for your next vacation.


Latest updates

House Rada

updated 16.10.2017

House Danijela

updated 16.10.2017

House Boris

updated 16.10.2017

House Nikola

updated 16.10.2017

Our suggestions

Houses on the beach

Boris, Anton, Nikica, Milan, Adriana, Vesna, Hajo, Danijela, Spomenka

Nice view of the sea

Milan, Adriana, Danijela, Spomenka, Nikica, Vesna, Dragica

Close to entertainment

Anka, Dragica, Josipa

Low price and further from the sea

Josipa, Vlado

For the very little children

Nikica, Renata, Ester, Nikola

For children and school children

Anton, Milan, Danijela, Vesna, Adriana, Hajo, Rada

For families with a dog

Anka, Ester, Milan, Nikola, Rada, Renata, Vesna

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